History of our school dates back to September 1, 1993, when Private Secondary Grammar School Tábor was opened as the first and the only private secondary school in the district of Tábor. We started with one class of 11-year-old students (8-year school) and one class of 15-year-old students (4-year school). The founders of the school were Mgr. Věra Komzáková and Mgr. Markéta Švadlenová. Since the very beginning they have been trying to prepare the students in the best way for their future education, develope their own opinions and consider student and their parents as partners. Nowadays the school is attended by more than 250 students. The interest of students is higher than possibilities of admission. 95% of our students repeteadly pass the university entrance exams. Language studies are on a high level (foreign languages are considered to be the main subjects – German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Latin), we cooperate with Czech and foreign schools, we succesfully work on international projects. Our students win many sport competitions. We are sure that we are passing the right way, that private schools have its fixed place in the Czech educational system and we´ve always been trying to improve our work.

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